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As a team, we made a decision to write different blog articles in order to get the right information out to our potential customers, or anyone looking to gain knowledge. The reason for this is, we know that for a long period of time, unlicensed individuals have ruined the trades’ name. Unfortunately, even licensed companies have been misrepresenting our business. Additionally, Google doesn’t always have the ability to screen all of the different companies that advertise with ad-words . Therefore many non-local companies advertise on their platform and don’t really care of how the customer is treated. For all these reasons and more, we have decided to offer you this valuable information.      Keep reading to find a variety of posts with plenty of information that might help you. 

What information will you find in our blog?

Scrolling through our different articles you can find information on how to make the right decisions for your personal security. You will find many answers to your questions in our different posts. For example, information on how to decide whether to re-key or replace your lock,  how to prevent yourself from getting locked out of your car or home. You can also find data on what questions to ask when calling a locksmith and different types of locks.

Please feel free to browse between the different posts and get the information you need.                          We would also love to hear your input on our different blogs, so if you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact us.