How Is Coronavirus Pandemic Influencing
Small Businesses


We have seen many pandemics throughout the years hit globally as well as locally. It is known that these times are stressful to many, due to the worry about ones health and ones financial state.

In this blog article we will talk about the recent pandemic, Coronavirus, that has hit the U.S in a rapidness no one had anticipated, as well as the economical changes it may create for small and large business as one.



It is 2020 and it has been 4 months since the Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, struck the world in a vicious way. 

This new virus, still a mystery to mankind, has created a worldwide pandemic. The Coronavirus not only hit thousands of people around the world with flu like symptoms, it has taken a death toll on many as well. 

Besides mass hysteria, it has people overbuying supplies, leaving convenience stores shelves empty, a situation that has made most store managements decide to limit item purchases per buyer. 

On one hand, the tension around the Coronavirus pandemic made sales sky rocket for local supermarkets and stores like Costco, Walmart, Home Depot and many others but it is leaving many customers, especially the elderly with nothing to buy. 

 Pandemic Influences On Businesses

As we all know, businesses get affected by pandemics such as the Coronavirus. Non essential lines of work like clothing stores and party supply stores are ordered to stop all operations, which leaves them with low to no income. There is a lot of information running around on  the web stating the option to sign up for unemployment but not everyone has this option. 

On the other hand, essential businesses are allowed to continue operations. This is approved while keeping up with the health department requirements such as keeping 6 ft away from others, using facial masks, gloves and sanitary equipment.

Some examples for essential businesses are:

  • Medical and health facilities such as hospitals pharmacies and more
  • Public construction works
  • Maintenance companies such as plumbers, electrician, exterminators etc’
  • Security and public safety companies such as locksmiths, firefighters etc’

And more…


On A “Personal Note”

Even though we are open for business, there is no doubt whatsoever that it is hitting our income hard. Less people driving around, less social gatherings, less of everything. 

Regardless, as a locksmith company, we understand the importance of our services to those in need. Whether locked outside of your home or vehicle, or in need for extra security such as deadbolts, peepholes or whatever it may be, Locksmith Near Me is here for you.